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Unusual buds

Unusual buds
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

5 Pit bull puppies thrown off bridge...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible and left for dead in tied sack, rescued by kayaker. Guess heard then crying and barking. Pits are perhaps the most abused, maligned, misunderstood breed of dog. To those who have the privilege of owning one, you will find the mist loyal and loving companion. Know as own one. More on story here

Saturday, March 18, 2017

4 Pitbulls Found freezing in Uhaul truck in March...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible owner is same man who left his pit bull puppies to die by train track in Arbor hill in January. How is it that such a person still has dogs to further abuse? he should bhave an anklet tracking his butt for the rest of his days. He should be made to do community service. Disgusting person and even more disgusting that he gets off and is allowed to inflict further suffering on animals. pits get a bad rep. many have no idea the type of idiots they attract and what they suffer as a breed as are incrediblyloyal even to morons who own them like this.

Dog Found Abandoned, Starving in Home

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible Unclear why woman owner would leave her loyal dog behind. seems to have gone away or moved. Dog found grossly underwent. Recovering at loal vet. Donations welcome as owner unavailable for comment. has not returned press's phone calls. Disgusting. Not sure why people like this have animals if don't want them. Seem to hate them even. She should be left in home with no food and water. How would she like it? They depend on us for survival. Gross and inexcusable. Comment if like.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dead Dog Found in Trash in Rotterdam

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible Was in trash bag. Young dog so killed. Poorly groomed, 2-3 year old shitzu or Lhasa lapsa do small Dog. 2 legs dislocated. Should be treated as a murder as what it is. People who do this eventually kill people. Nuts. Disturbed person did this. Full of hat and rage. Scarey. Depended on human for survival. Treated like this. Awful. Hope catch who did this soon or may hurt a child next. What do you think?,!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jen Leary, exfirefighter from Pennsylvania saves pets from fires...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

AGT singer here.

rescued cat
and boards them for free, until previous pet owners can take them back after resettled.  Her group, Red Paw functions like thee Red Cross, giving emergency pet care.   Offers free vet care, food too. Read more and watch video here.
Jen Leary


Monday, May 20, 2013

Amish puppy mill horror..

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

CBS news anchor Steve Amaruzzo,may have spelt it wrong,brings this issue to light in recent report. The Amish consider these animals cattle and treat them awfully and when overcrowded shoot them. We have no jurisdiction in this area where they live. The dogs vocal chords are damaged intentionally so can't bark and are kept in rabbit hutches so can't even walk but crawl. Is awful and i think we need to pass laws to stop this. They still live in the US and should be made to abide by some laws to protect them. Speak out to your congressmen about this now by writing,calling! Thanks.

Many fooled into buying dogs from these places. The best way not to be fooled is to save a life and get dog from local shelter.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pit bull saves woman's life...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

when she falls on train tracks and collapses in path of an oncoming freight train. Her rescue dog pulled and pushed her off the tracks and even put herself in harms way to take impact of hit from train to avoid owner being hurt. How many people would do that! anyways,Lilly,dog is doing well,healing at vet's.  people need to remember this the next time they say nasty things a out the  breed.  they are very bright,loyal dogs as I have one myself.  all how you treat and raise them.  Many mistreat them and breed them for fighting and use theym as status symbols to show how tough owners are.

see video here

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Renting Housing With Pets Can Be Hard..

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

Due to the actions of a few..who make it bad for responsible pet owners like myself and probably you too. Our pets are all rescues who were abandoned by their previous owners for a multitude of reasons including moving to non-pet friendly housing. Is sad when You have to give up a pet who becomes like a family member. I know I LOVe my babies who are my kids as I have nonhuman ones. What do you think?

I am facing this situation myself as I have been asked to leave housing I recently moved into! I have 8 cats I acquired from each place I had lived as were neglected by their previous owners and I took pity on them and took h in. For doing God's work, I am facing homelessness. Is this fair?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Moving Can Be stressful for YOur Pet(s)..

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

As was the case with my cat Lucky who went and climbed the wall to the top shelf of the closet and wouldn't come down til I moved the shelf and then closed the closet door,thus knocking the shelf on my head. Yeh I had a lump and it still is sore but all part of bieng a pet owner and mom,aw! The little guy has adjusted now finally after a few days and the new place is much nicer than the old one so am happier here and with the move overall.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Neighbor Hit My Dog Over the Head and On Her Body Several Times Because..

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

She went on his lawn and his old dog was out there with him and he was being protective of both of them adn was scared. She is ok but from now on I will keep her away from him and leashed when he is home. It is good advice to do the same when in doubt of your neighbors as to their actions. She is AKC Pit Bull and is intimidating to some who don't know her..Did anything like this ever happen to you? What do you think?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

'Smokey' R.I.P.

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

REceived some sa news today, that one of the stray cas we feed, had been hit and killed by a car up the road. We had planned to use a have a heart trap before winter and trap him and his 4 buddies who vist us faithfully from God knows where. I will miss him and was quite saddened by the news. In a way perhaps, his life is a lesson for all of us in two ways. One it sheds light on the plight of homeless animals everywhere. Secondly, atleast he was cried over upon his passing. Many people don't even get that! What do you think? God Bless you Smokey. See you on the RAinbow bridge my little prince. XXOO -Ann

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rescued Dog Saves the Life of Good Samaritan's Child..

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

She wasn't so sure about watching the dog when a friend brought him to her to hold til the owner turned up as it was dirty and burry and matty but after the dog saved her down syndrome child when he let her know he was having a seizure, she said "you can stay"..REad more

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flying Ducks In Washington ..

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

If this story doesn't cheer you up, nothing will! Man rescues ducklings stranded on ledge while mother duck waits below, watching. How amazing is that?!?

Cairo's Bears..

Cairo's Bears..
Both art and real..

Youth Fair

Youth Fair
by Artzstuf

Watch your Pets' diet too

Watch your Pets' diet too
as well as your own!