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Unusual buds

Unusual buds
dog and exotic cat


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

4 Pitbulls Found freezing in Uhaul truck in March...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible owner is same man who left his pit bull puppies to die by train track in Arbor hill in January. How is it that such a person still has dogs to further abuse? he should bhave an anklet tracking his butt for the rest of his days. He should be made to do community service. Disgusting person and even more disgusting that he gets off and is allowed to inflict further suffering on animals. pits get a bad rep. many have no idea the type of idiots they attract and what they suffer as a breed as are incrediblyloyal even to morons who own them like this.

Dog Found Abandoned, Starving in Home

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible Unclear why woman owner would leave her loyal dog behind. seems to have gone away or moved. Dog found grossly underwent. Recovering at loal vet. Donations welcome as owner unavailable for comment. has not returned press's phone calls. Disgusting. Not sure why people like this have animals if don't want them. Seem to hate them even. She should be left in home with no food and water. How would she like it? They depend on us for survival. Gross and inexcusable. Comment if like.

Two Men Seen Throwing Dog Off Bridge...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible Police retrieved it's lifeless body. Unsure whether the pit bull was dead already or not. Those with info on this horrible crime are asked to come forward asap. If I had my way, I'd make it very hard for people to get a dog. Back round checks would be required. Unauthorized reeding would be outlawed. This would surely cut down on the yearly slaughter of unwanted, abused, neglected animals in our shelters yearly in the world. What do you think?!??!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dead Dog Found in Trash in Rotterdam

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible Was in trash bag. Young dog so killed. Poorly groomed, 2-3 year old shitzu or Lhasa lapsa do small Dog. 2 legs dislocated. Should be treated as a murder as what it is. People who do this eventually kill people. Nuts. Disturbed person did this. Full of hat and rage. Scarey. Depended on human for survival. Treated like this. Awful. Hope catch who did this soon or may hurt a child next. What do you think?,!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

COLONIE MOTEL 6 IS not pet friendly...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

Motel 6,colonie,is not pet friendly. Read More  here.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Saved more money on pet treats...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

Used coupons($1.25 for two Milo's), ($1. off 'better than', $1. off new dental Milk bone brushing biscuits). It all adds up.  All good. Had saved by shopping at BJ's last week. Bought healthy dog, cat dry and wet food in bulk(20 lbs. each, 48 cans of Friskies wet food for $22.) and kitty litter, 80 lbs. of it for just $18.(saved $13) Got 14 lbs of dog biscuits by BJ's store brand. Brandy my dog loves them and just $10(saved 17)! Got box of 7 cat treats by temptations for $6., usually $2 each. Saved 8 bucks. I took a cab home($13. with tip) but still saved. Used free trial got in mail for two months.This is the highlight of my week, saving money at super markets.  Result: with money saved ($30-10=20(charge me fee last time to shop there), after expenses)got myself a pizza pie, tossed garden salad, soda can for just $22 with tip and delivery fee.  Worked out to $1.75 a slice so saved and froze left overs. Just ate some of the pizza last night. All had to do was remove from tin foil and toss in micro wave. yummy.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jen Leary, exfirefighter from Pennsylvania saves pets from fires...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

AGT singer here.

rescued cat
and boards them for free, until previous pet owners can take them back after resettled.  Her group, Red Paw functions like thee Red Cross, giving emergency pet care.   Offers free vet care, food too. Read more and watch video here.
Jen Leary


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Got Brandy, my dog some new treats...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

either on sale or with coupon for a dollar off.  Got Rachel Ray's 'soup bones', pupperonis, carryouts, milo's. Saved $8. Saved $12. at CVS when bought large rawhide bones for a buck each. were $3 each. Also got roll of paper towels free with coupon and st.  patty's day head band for .75 that was $3.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brandy, my dog is pretty well stocked full...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

of dog treats, biscuits, bones. Still got a coupon for a buck off next Milkbone biscuit purchase after buying a box last week at Price Chopper and using $1. coupon off 95 cent 'T bonz' mini treats. See for me it's all about saving money so can live better and my pets live better too.

Cairo's Bears..

Cairo's Bears..
Both art and real..

Youth Fair

Youth Fair
by Artzstuf

Watch your Pets' diet too

Watch your Pets' diet too
as well as your own!