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Unusual buds

Unusual buds
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

4 Pitbulls Found freezing in Uhaul truck in March...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible owner is same man who left his pit bull puppies to die by train track in Arbor hill in January. How is it that such a person still has dogs to further abuse? he should bhave an anklet tracking his butt for the rest of his days. He should be made to do community service. Disgusting person and even more disgusting that he gets off and is allowed to inflict further suffering on animals. pits get a bad rep. many have no idea the type of idiots they attract and what they suffer as a breed as are incrediblyloyal even to morons who own them like this.

Dog Found Abandoned, Starving in Home

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible Unclear why woman owner would leave her loyal dog behind. seems to have gone away or moved. Dog found grossly underwent. Recovering at loal vet. Donations welcome as owner unavailable for comment. has not returned press's phone calls. Disgusting. Not sure why people like this have animals if don't want them. Seem to hate them even. She should be left in home with no food and water. How would she like it? They depend on us for survival. Gross and inexcusable. Comment if like.

Two Men Seen Throwing Dog Off Bridge...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible Police retrieved it's lifeless body. Unsure whether the pit bull was dead already or not. Those with info on this horrible crime are asked to come forward asap. If I had my way, I'd make it very hard for people to get a dog. Back round checks would be required. Unauthorized reeding would be outlawed. This would surely cut down on the yearly slaughter of unwanted, abused, neglected animals in our shelters yearly in the world. What do you think?!??!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dead Dog Found in Trash in Rotterdam

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible Was in trash bag. Young dog so killed. Poorly groomed, 2-3 year old shitzu or Lhasa lapsa do small Dog. 2 legs dislocated. Should be treated as a murder as what it is. People who do this eventually kill people. Nuts. Disturbed person did this. Full of hat and rage. Scarey. Depended on human for survival. Treated like this. Awful. Hope catch who did this soon or may hurt a child next. What do you think?,!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Olympics winding down...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

People wondering what they will do with Olympic buildings set up for events. Why not use them to house all the stray dogs,cats currently dwelling there despite the roundup by government to exterminate them cruelly with a pest control company's rat poisoned meat. Previus owners of dogs left them behind when had to leave homes to build structures for Olympics and are now hused in no pet housing elsewhere. They act like they have no responsibility to these creatures so dependent on them for their survival. The government and these pet owners do and these animals deserve much better. what do you think?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Olympic skier and..

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible,,20778965_20786704,00.html

silver medalist plans on adopting mamma dog and her pups,all strays at Sochi. Let's hope they get thru customs!

thousands of strays were rounded up to be killed prior to Olympics but are being saved by billionaire there and supporters.  Economy there bad and peope suffering and leaving dogs behind to streets to fend alone.  doing better with Olympics on as people about with hearts but after what then?

**Update!**  Ken's trip home delayed so can go home with strays.  Canadians bringing back some dogs too.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brandy,my dog is limping so..

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

got steroids from vet and were ok til ran out! Heard good things about glucosamine so getting some or derivative of from pet store today. Baby aspirin should help pain too and swelling.Wish us both well! Read more here.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All things considered...

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

Brandy and I are ok,not great but.  Uually this time of year we are both itchy and covered with hives and bites and bruises from insects biting us from unmowed grass and skin reacting to poison ivy,oak,sumac all over the place where was living.  Since in Albany and not in country anymore,although miss it's quiet and beauty,we are healthier. Bandy's coat looks good,glossy and she doesn'r have mange.  I don't have rash all over self from poisons from plants.

On another note, my nose is still in bad shapw with congestion and I am very upset about the arres and charges against me for alleged grand larceny,fraud and misuse of his credit card as was an accident and as a friend he should have had my back and given me the benefit of the doubt,not pressed charges against me,badmouthed me behind my back to people I know.Am soooo angry at him so I need to let this go. I wrote to judge and him apologizing for my carelessness and part in this and plan to repay his account gradually to avoid court and asked for this to be dropped and settled out of court. I can't afford fines that could get potentially or not up to possible prison time,could get 4 years. He should have confronted me as a friend firstly before contacted police. This has dragged on a year when I figured out what happened in a day! Is sooo ridiculous and unnecessary. I accidentally didn't delete his info and used his card unknowingly when purchased stuff in future on Amazon as they were the billing company for where got his glasses from,saving him $3000 as were about $60 when Pearle Vision wanted $360 so he bailed. He is so mean,crazy and an ingrate. We used to hang out alot,going to auctions,yard sales,dinner,writing classes. I used to get his lunch and mail when picked up mine and helped him sell as had no employee in his store,making him money,bought from his store and what he got at yard sales,supporting him,leant him my dvds as he has not tv reception. He forgot all that,got angry and seeked revenge. His actions have got me in sooo much trouble,I don't know how to redeem myself and clear my name. Any advice you all can give is welcomed. thanks.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dogs got talent too!~

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

Pudsey here

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Did you know?

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

Did you know animals can catch yeast infections? Read more on "Animals and yeast infections" blog.

Friday, March 27, 2009

That time of year again!

from blog.
"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

Does your pet have fleaas?! how bout parasites? Do you know? Check the stool. Just found larvae and eggs in my dog's stool today! Ugh! Anyway, I fed her tuna fish with over the counter wormer ,apple cidar vinegar,garlic salt,olive oil and mixed it in with her high quality dog foods by Rachel RAe. One is veggie and the other is meat and brown rice. I'm trying! REad more here for great ino for FREE on pets including natural flea spray you can make yourself out of lemons! here's to your pet's health!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

mickey pays tribute to his beloved dog at the Oscars..

"All creatures great and small,God made them all!" -the Bible

how sad and moving...Read more

Friday, January 23, 2009

Got Bipolar? Get a Dog FAst!

If you get a dog, you have no time to be self absorbed,selfdestructive or entertain your your ghoulish whims. Read more!

Cairo's Bears..

Cairo's Bears..
Both art and real..

Youth Fair

Youth Fair
by Artzstuf

Watch your Pets' diet too

Watch your Pets' diet too
as well as your own!